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Monday, October 08, 2012


The Ma'at

Published December 28, 2011

“Who told on Herman Cain?

By Nathan’ette Burdine-Follow on Twitter@nbnylemagazine


It’s 5PM.  Hazel Mae, Lidda Mae, Gwen, Joe, Cricket, and Sam are sitting out on the porch.


Cricket-…Herman Cain told on himself, all that he was doing.  I tell people all the time, “If you don’t want anybody to tell on you, than don’t do things to tell on yourself.”  Herman Cain knows he’s a whoe.  That’s why he thought that boy, Curt Anderson, told because he was on his staff when he was running for Congress in Georgia.  And they brought all of that out during that time.  So Cain is sitting up there thinking that Anderson boy, who’s working for Perry now, told Perry and therefore Cain believes Perry told those Politico folk. 


Joe- Perry’s spokesman, Ray Sullivan, said that Romney told it but Romney said he didn’t do it.


Cricket (laughing).-Perry and Romney said they didn’t do the high tech lynching?


Joe-…that’s what they said.  And after going through the possible list of Republicans who could’ve told, Cain decided he would point the finger at the Democrats and the media.


Cricket-Herman Cain is on some bull, man.  I tell folk all of the time,  “If you don’t want somebody to tell on you, then don’t do things to tell on yourself.”  When folk go out there and do all that whoe hopping like Herman Cain did, they end up telling on themselves.  If they weren’t whoe hopping, then people wouldn’t be in a position to tell other people about their whoe hopping.  They sit up there and say,  “I never would’ve gotten caught if you didn’t tell.”  Fool, you sitting up there admitting you did wrong by saying that you got caught.  I can’t catch you doing something that you’re not doing.  But you see, that’s what Herman Cain gets.  He was sitting up there doing all of that shining to those white folks.  He was sitting up there trying to play their game by pulling out that race card and throwing their racism back at them.  They pull that card out because they have nothing left.  What you think racism is based upon?  “I got my white card so I can vote, I can own property, and I can own my life.”  What they say, “I may be poor, but I got my white card and I can at least dream about owning property.  I can’t read, but I got my white card and I can vote.  I stabbed a couple of black folks today, but I got my white card to keep me out of jail.”  But you see, times have changed and those racist white folks have had to find new ways to throw that race card at us.  So now they’re using colored folks like Herman Cain in order to throw that card at us.  You know white folks don’t want to be seen.  What they say now, “Oh-O, they see us now so we got to hide behind black folks so they won’t see us.”  But you see, that tit-for-tat mess doesn’t work because it does the very thing they don’t want it to do, show their racism.  And what did they do, bring out all of those white women to say he’s a stereotypical hypersexual black man.  Nobody is saying anything about Newt and how dirty he did his white wives whom he divorced on their deathbeds.  Instead, they’re focusing on the stereotypical Negro.  But you see, that’s good for Herman Cain.  You sit up there and play that House Negro role than you get treated as such.  I don’t feel sorry for his ass.  He was sitting up there talking about racism doesn’t play as big a role any more, but look at how that racism got rid of him.  Whenever something as bad as racism is put into the equation, no matter the dosage, it has a big impact.  It’s just like ammonia and just a little sniff will knock you back.  He doesn’t get a pass with me because he’s black.  When you play that House Negro role, you get treated as such.  He’s standing up there singing.  He can sing now. I must give him that.


Gwen-What you say Cricket, “He can sing?”


Cricket-The boy can sing now.  I must give him that.  He was standing up there doing that double blackface show in front of the Press Club.


Joe-…a blackface with a blackface.


Cricket-…that’s what it was.  He was saying something about I won’t complain, God is with me, or something.  I said,  “This here is about to break out in ‘Ole Man River.’”


Gwen-Did he break out in it, Cricket?


Cricket-He didn’t do it, but I was looking for it.  Man, I tell you.


Joe-Herman Cain was bringing too much attention to the Republican Party’s whoe addiction.  It’s just like you said, “They don’t want to be seen.”  The Republican Party is made up of people who live in a false reality.  The world is a utopia in their minds.  You cannot have someone bringing attention to the fact that life is not how you live it in your mind.


Cricket-…and that’s the problem with that other boy Jon Huntsman who said that Cain needed to go.  Huntsman isn’t going go as far as you can throw him because people can see through his ass like glass.  He tries to put himself up to be the good wholesome smart intellectual one.  When people do things like that, they’re dirtier than Florida’s muck.  Huntsman probably got a harem of whoes and some outside children somewhere.  I said,  “That’s what those Republicans mean about traditional family values.”  They probably got more common law wives than Ramses II had children.


Hazel Mae and Lidda Mae have just made it back from Nita’s house.


Lidda Mae-Damn, those are a lot of wives.


Cricket-Where y’all been?


Hazel Mae-We we’re over at Nita’s house.


Gwen-I see D made it over there.


Hazel Mae-…and she’s trying to help him make it back to Pam’s.  She told that boy that gal is going to get tired of him cheating on her.  She’s not the type of woman who will take that too long.


Lidda Mae-I don’t know why he left this time?  That gal never says anything to him about his whoe hopping. 


Hazel Mae-That’s why he left.  He couldn’t take the silence.


Cricket-Ain’t that gal Creole?  She’s gonna put that rut on him.  I tell you boy, you better not mess with those Creole women.  You see she be silencing his ass to the sofa.  It’s probably that rut she done put on him.  I bet you Herman Cain’s wife has put a rut on him.  He probably be walking and starts twitching.  People stop and ask him, “What’s wrong Herman?”  He tells them, “Nothing but the rut.  I’ll be alright.”  Every time he thinks about cheating, he starts twitching. 


Lidda Mae-Well, that rut ain’t working because he’s been messing around with that Ginger White gal for 13 years. 


Cricket-Gloria probably forgot to update it.


Lidda Mae-…that’s what it was?


Cricket-…that’s what it was.  Hey, who you think told on him?


Lidda Mae-Obama.




Lidda Mae-Yes, that’s what I said.  I wouldn’t put it pass him.  All of the signs are there.  The first sign is location and the second sign is access.  Let me explain it now.  The first woman lives over there in a Chicago suburb and the second woman is over there in Washington D.C. working for the government.  Now, where is Obama?  Obama is back and forth between his house in Chicago and the White House in Washington D.C..  And to top it off, he named some young fella in Georgia to be over his campaign that is headquartered in Atlanta.  Cain and his woman are over there in the Atlanta area.  You know Obama lost Georgia when he ran back in ’08.  And if Herman Cain had lucked up to become the nominee, he would’ve won Georgia.  And Cain would’ve split up the black vote enough for Obama to lose.  Now, Obama’s getting help from those folks over there at Politico too.  Honey chile, just follow the pattern.  You remember how Obama got that gal over there in Chicago kicked off that ballot because of those signatures.  Let me tell you something, Obama’s a sneaky little something and I see his doings all over this mess here.  And when you look at that compounded with all that chitchat that chile David Plouffe was doing about Romney, honey chile you can’t help but be suspicious.  Whenever somebody is paying somebody that much attention, it’s because they don’t want other people to know they are paying attention to them too.  And let me tell you something honey, all this attention given to Romney makes me suspicious.  When Jay Leno asked Obama if he was watching the Republican debate, he said that he was just gonna wait for everybody to be voted off the island.  Now that right there, you know he’s watching and ain’t waiting for nobody to be voted off of any island.


Cricket-I just got something on my blackberry.  Oh, it’s the same thing that’s on that tv right there.  Herman Cain just suspended his campaign.  That’s what it says right there.

What he say, “I’m at peace.”  I guess he’s found the cross.


Hazel Mae-Herman Cain wouldn’t know the cross if he saw Jesus on it.  I can tell by the distance between he and his wife and the look on her face that she’s running that show.  She told him to end that.  She couldn’t have the preacher basing his sermon on her and Herman Cain.  You know how black folk do in the name of testimony and prayer.


Cricket-That’s what Bishop Brown did to Ron and Pat.  What he said,….


Hazel Mae-“…God gave you your wife.  When God first made man, he gave him one wife not two.  So if Adam had only Eve, why do you think it was in God’s plan for you to have Brother John’s wife?”  That’s what he told Ron.


Lidda Mae-They always forget that part about Lilith being Adam’s first wife.  Lilith had her on mind.  She didn’t obey.


Hazel Mae-That’s what these men folk want.  They want these women to obey.  Times have changed honey.  These women folk aren’t putting up with that mess anymore.


Cricket-That’s what it is?


Hazel Mae-Hm-mm.




Gwen-Now he’s playing Marvin and Tammy.  I guess ain’t no mountain high enough any more. 


Cricket (to Hazel Mae).-…but that’s what I said,  “He’s giving too much attention to Romney while saying that he’s not giving any attention to anybody else.”  You know he’s watching.  It’s like a game.  You’ll get beat if you don’t pay attention and study your possible opponents,  just ask the Lakers.


Joe-The Lakers were chasing that dress tail.


Cricket-I heard Kobe told Paul Gasol’s ole lady that he was cheatin.’  And now, that gal is divorcing Kobe because she say that she can’t take his cheatin’ anymore.


Hazel Mae-You see, that right there.  That’s why I tell people,  “Talking about what I’m doing, isn’t going to change what you’re doing.”  People like that, what you call that boy?




Hazel Mae-…folks like that love to throw their dirt over on you and think that you won’t throw that dirt back on them.  I tell folk,  “What makes you think I want to carry your heavy load, when I have my own.” 


Joe-Kobe was wrong for what they said he told Paul Gasol’s ole lady.  Kobe is a man.  He knows what that dress tail does to a man.


Cricket-I tell you that dress tail clouds your mind. 


Lidda Mae-That dress tail has created a storm and darkened Cain’s political future, but I don’t think Obama wanted to go up against Cain.  Obama knows not to underestimate his opponent and he knows it was a possibility that Cain would’ve gotten those black Republican votes that he was able to get during the first election.  Cain would’ve won if he had gotten a third of the black vote and Latino vote, along with the white vote.  All he had to do was split the minority vote, but Cain was his own problem.  Cain was trying to hustle people and got hustled.  He didn’t count on them giving him the political colonoscopy that they gave him.  He also didn’t look at the fact that his own party is split.  The regular Republicans don’t like those Tea Party folk.  And whenever you have division amongst yourself, you have no other choice but to lose.  And that’s what Obama has going for him, but I don’t think he wants to risk it.  Because you just never know when fools may get some sense and stop fighting amongst themselves.


Cricket-Well, those fools aren’t gonna get any sense anytime soon.  It’s too much hate.


Lidda Mae-But you see, that’s what I don’t like about that chile Herma Cain.  He grew up in Georgia during segregation and he ran around there shinning to those white folks.  He was trying to beat them at their own game.  He was sitting up there using racial stereotypes singing and crying.  That fool even went on Clarence Thomas’ wife show after all of that whoshawjohn about those women.  That was quite funny though and ironic.  Here she is reaching out to him because she sees him as the victim of the same allege high tech lynching her husband was complaining about.  Yet, the same rope Cain said that somebody was trying to lynch him with is the same one he ended up lynching himself with.  And I tell you something else, that Thomas’ boy wife getting up before 8 o’clock in the morning calling Anita Hill let’s you know what’s going on in that bedroom.  I think he’s having a mental relationship with Anita.  I’m serious.  She’s putting it on him without putting it on him.  Why else would that woman get up that early to call that gal?  I bet you Clarence has set time aside, in his mind, to go out on dates with Anita.  That fool comes in the house,  “Clarence, you’re on your date with Anita?”  He doesn’t even look at her.  He gets up, walks pass her like he’s leaving a restaurant or something.  Boy, I tell you the truth.  Then she puts her head down and says,  “I guess I shouldn’t’ve interrupted their date.”  Clarence leaves the house and doesn’t come back until next week.  I said,  “I guess she couldn’t take one of these long weekend trips he had in his head with Anita and she had to call her and tell her about it.”


Gwen-He’s having head trips.


Lidda Mae-That’s what he’s having.


Cricket-What them young boys in Jodeci say, “I can’t leave you alone because you got me feenin.”  Anita got him feenin.  Like Georgia, she’s on his mind.


Hazel Mae-Clarence Thomas is bitter and Herman Cain is just crazy in the head.  Cain was just trying to hustle people and he got hustled.  I heard that chile say that he didn’t go out and protest with King because he didn’t want to cause any trouble.  I looked at that fool and I said,  “Aw hell, you haven’t done anything but cause trouble with all that whoshawjohn you’ve been doing.”  I knew he was gonna quit because of that woman.  I said,  “This fool will die if Gloria left his crazy ass.”  He loves his wife and she told him, “Honey, you ain’t gonna have me going to the altar and giving my all and testifying before the congregation.”  That’s a private woman and she wasn’t about to bear all at man’s made cross.  But let me tell you something, I don’t care who told.  I’m telling it.  I don’t care.  Honey chile, be careful of the stones you throw.  And when you see somebody throwing that many stones, you better get out of his way.  Those stones he’s throwing at you are bricks from his broken down house that he’s trying to get rid of.  When folks come at me with that mess I tell them, “Honey chile, y’all got too many bricks y’all need to get rid of and I’m not going to be y’all’s foundation to rebuild y’all’s broken down house upon.”  You see how those stones hit him up side his head.  That’s because those bricks were being thrown right back at him.  People don’t want your bricks.  People don’t want to be part of your broken down foundation.  How are they going to stand with you standing on them?  Chile I tell you.  Cain would’ve gotten into that office and had all of us in slavery again and told us that we all need to do our part to help make America be America again. 


Lidda Mae-…that’s what that young fella Rick Santorum said.  You know, the baby, that young boy.  That chile said he’s been married for 21 years and he has 7 children.


Cricket-Are all of those children his?


Lidda Mae-That’s what he said.


Hazel Mae-Well, praise God.  That’s one good thing he did right.  At least he didn’t choose Newt’s trade-in plan on marriage.

Cricket-Newt be whoe hopping.


Hazel Mae-…non stopping. 


Lidda Mae-Langston wrote that poem Santorum was referring to. 


Hazel Mae-Santorum didn’t know that?


Lidda Mae-He didn’t.


Hazel Mae-That’s their problem, they don’t know nothing.  Did anybody tell him?


Joe-They told him after the fact, but he said that his staff was in charge of that.  I said,  “Blame it on the staff.”


Sam-They told him Langston was black and a little sweet.


Lidda Mae-He couldn’t take all of that black sweetness.


Sam-…that’s what it was.


Lidda Mae-That’s a damn shame.  You know, I tell people,  "You don’t need to sitting up here like you 'Mr. Do no wrong.'  You ain’t shit, talkin’ ’bout people in order to feel better about your day.  Bastard."  I know that Rick Santorum boy.  I never liked him anyway.  It’s something about that chile that’s not right.  One of them being he admitted he followed Newt’s plan on conservatism.  He claimed it helped him to win his U.S. Congressional seat.  And what is this chile doing with all of those damn children.  He’s too young to be having all of those children.  This ain’t the baby boom era.


Hazel Mae-Well, he had them from the same woman and that’s all that matters. 


Cricket-You gonna vote for Santorum?


Hazel Mae-I wouldn’t vote for Santorum to run for Jesus.  It’s something wrong with that chile, bless his heart.  You remember that boy was standing up there kind of laughing when Perry and Romney were about to fight in Nevada.  All of the old people turned away, but that young boy sat up there enjoying himself.  He’s not mature enough to be the president.


Cricket-Obama’s young.


Hazel Mae-Yeah, but he’s mature and he got those women folk there to keep him straight.  Those women are his anchors and they’ll keep him centered.


Sam-I think Romney told on Herman Cain.  Romney needs to get as many people out of his way as possible.  They’re using all of these other candidates as a smokescreen.  As long as people are paying attention to the smoke, they won’t be able to pay attention to what’s behind it.  You know how the general public is.  If you don’t tell them about something, they tend to forget it.  But, Cain getting out of the race isn’t helping Romney in Iowa.  Those people say that Paul is first, Romney is second, and Newt is third.  Yet, I’m still skeptical.  I still say the tactic is to make all of the other candidates seem so bad that the Republicans have no other choice but to vote for Romney.  The less people remember about him, the better off he will be. 


Hazel Mae-Did “Shutdown I don’t pay my bills Newt” ever pay those Tiffany people that million dollar tab?


Sam-Not that I know of.


Cricket-People like Newt only think about themselves.  He talks out of both sides of his mouth.  One moment, he’s against Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac but the next moment he’s taking money from them.  And now, he’s talking about poor children don’t have any work habits.  Yet, he’s not working to pay off his million dollar tab at Tiffany’s.


Hazel Mae-That’s just trifling.  I don’t ever put anything on a tab because that’s nothing but rich peoples’ lay away.


Joe-…that’s what it is.  But, people like Newt can’t see that.  He seems to think that poor people are the only people without any responsibility.  Newt said that the poor children don’t have any work habits and they need to work at the school they attend.  I said,  “Man it’s going to be more poor white children working than black children because it’s more of you.”  Blue collar isn’t any thing but the working white poor.  The blue collar moved over to the Republican Party because they believed they were no longer the focused minority group within the Democratic Party.  After the Civil Rights Movement and the party switch, black people, Hispanics, and women became the minority of the Democratic Party.  So the working white poor decided to go to the Republican Party because race blinded them to their commonality with the other minorities.  But now, Newt wants to put the working white poor in serfdom.  The bigger the group, than the harder it is for that group’s minority to climb the ladder.  Their only stock is that they’re part of the majority, but that one stock isn’t enough to get them the full investment of being a member of the majority group.  So Newt’s plan isn’t going to hurt minorities as much as it will hurt his own race’s minorities. 


Cricket-Newt is suffering from that po’ man’s syndrome.  You know he said that he used to live in an apartment above a gas station.  Newt sees himself in those poor children and he doesn’t want anybody to see that part of him.  He’s tried to use his education to mask what he believes are stereotypical behaviors of poor people but those behaviors keep coming through from his cold blooded treatment of his wives, his need to insult people, to him not paying his bills, hustling folk, and his propensity for making foolish statements.  The presidency is an office that is too high for Newt.  That’s just like putting a poodle in the Safari to survive on its own.  Newt won’t make it.  I’m telling you what I know.  Newt hates himself.  He hates his biography.  He is the product of a teenage pregnancy and his biological pappy left his mama.  She had to shack up and eventually marry that man who took she and Newt in and who gave Newt his last name.  You know Newt’s name was Newton Leroy McPherson and not Newt Gingrich.  Newt can’t stand himself and those types of people target those who they believe are most similar to them so they can have a way to beat themselves without actually beating themselves.  I’m telling you, Newt is entrenched in self-hate.  Newt will get in there and marginalize those poor white folk so he’ll send them to another religion.  You know I’m telling the truth.  They’ll go from Jesus, to Muhammad, to Buddha.  You know I’m telling the truth.


Hazel Mae-I don’t know how he’s gonna be president, anyhow.  You remember he shutdown Congress and cost all those good doctors those good government Medicaid checks.


Joe-I remember.


Hazel Mae-Those doctors weren’t happy about that.  I know doctors who were hotter than Gonah. Those doctors be looking for those Medicaid checks.  I said “Shutdown” done turned off all the lights in D.C. and stopped all the checks from coming in.”  I wouldn’t vote “Shutdown” to be over the lemonade stand.  And you know he has had about two wives before this new one here.  He divorced one of those women on her deathbed.  That woman had that cancer and he divorced that woman, dirty bastard.  Now he got a young gal. 


Cricket-He was messing around with that whoe when he was the Speaker of the House.  I said,  “I guess you can turn a whoe into a housewife when you’re a whoe your self.” 


Hazel Mae-You know that young gal is most likely doing what they say John McCain’s wife was doing, “She’s cheatin’ in the next room.”  You know that young gal got her a young man.  Those young gals want money, not honey, from those old devils.  And if “Shutdown” became the president, the country would be shutdown all the time.  The country would be so broke the devil wouldn’t fix it.  Things will be so bad that prayers will be too heavy to go up.  “Shutdown” will put us in purgatory.  “Purgatory Shutdown” is Newt’s new name.  You know I’m telling the truth.  Those Republicans have more whoes than Solomon had wives.  You know I’m telling the truth.


Cricket-That’s why I said that Rick Perry fella didn’t tell on Herman Cain.  Rick Perry has too much that will come back on him.  He has nothing to gain, but everything to lose.  All Cain had to do with Perry was start talking about that immigration mess and giving free in-state tuition to those illegal immigrants’ children.  All those Tea Partiers hear is Mexican when you say illegal.  What will they call him, “Mexican lover.”  That’s what they will say.  


Gwen-To tell you the truth, it really never mattered because Cain wasn’t gonna win no how.  You got to be in it to win it.  And even if he was still in it, I don’t believe he would’ve been able to get those educated black folks' vote in the Republican Party.  They weren’t gonna support that.  Before Cain dropped out, Michael Steele came out and said that Cain needed to get out of the race.


Joe-The Republican Party has a class divide, and those within the middle and upper class aren’t going to vote for the Tea Partiers.  They see those people as part of the uneducated lower class.  The candidate is not going to get the full support of the party if he is not a part of the establishment.  It will be just like it was when John McCain ran.  You need money to run and the Tea Party doesn’t have the money the Republican Party has.


Hazel Mae-Cain was playing a character.  I tell people all of the time that people know when you’re playing them for a fool.  And those people knew Cain was standing up there making them look like a fool by playing that double blackface role, singing a Negro spiritual at the podium.


Cricket-I don’t think it was a Negro spiritual.


Hazel Mae-Well, whatever it was that Negro was singing a spiritual.  He was sitting up there talking about God told him to run.  I said, “When did the Lawd tell you that.  God ain’t tell you nothing like that.”  I said that right there is what’s wrong with people today.  They’re always trying to put the Lawd into something He ain’t got nothing to do with.


Gwen-He sent his wife out there a couple of weeks ago.  I said,  “It’s too late for that and by the way she was talking I could tell she knew something.”  That’s why she’s so mad, because all of those feelings are coming back.  And that’s why we didn’t see her.  She knows how he is.


Cricket-She’s cheating on him.


Lidda Mae-That’s what she’s doing?


Cricket-That’s what she’s doing.


Lidda Mae-Hm.


Cricket-I know y’all women folk.


Hazel Mae-Well, you’re right about one thing, a woman isn’t gonna sit there and just keep waiting for her man to come home.  She will get up and find her a man who will come home to her.  A lot of these men folk think they have these women folk under control.  While all the while, she’s stepping out when he’s stepping in.  What he say, “Where you going honey?  Church.  Where you going honey?  The store.  Where you going honey?  Mama’s house.”  All that means is that my man is at church, we’re meeting in the store’s parking lot, or he’s meeting me at my mama’s house.  And when a man is gone as much as Cain was gone, she doesn’t have to meet her man anywhere else.  All she has to do is bring him to her house.  And any man sitting back there thinking his woman won’t cheat on him or isn’t cheating on him is a damn fool. 


Gwen-I think he did something, but I don’t think those women are innocent.  That first gal was sitting up there saying that she told Cain she had a boyfriend.  I said,  “So if you didn’t have a boyfriend then you’d let him play with your pocketbook.”  And her ex-boyfriend said that he knew about all of that but he still told her to got to Cain and see if she could keep her job.  I said now what was he doing, “Whoeing the gal out so he didn’t have to work?”  With all of that there, she had no business going to Herman Cain for anything.  She and her ex-boyfriend sounded like two fools trying to get warm by sitting on a hot fire.  And you know she’s about to be evicted.  They say that she’s about $7500 behind.  I guess they didn’t give her enough money to come out because now she’s being put out.  There was one more gal who came out, but she got herself in a mess after they came out and said that she filed a suit against her new boss.  I said,  “Lawd have mercy.  Honey chile, you don’t need to let any more of these women out because this is becoming just like funk, the more wind you blow the funkier it is.”  But you know what, that’s good for Herman Cain.  He wouldn’t’ve been catching all of that hell if he wasn’t shining up to those white folk.  Those black folk know what he’s doing and I doubt they would’ve voted for him.  Black folk want to be taking seriously, honey, and how can you do that when something like Herman Cain is standing up there singing.


Lidda Mae-His woman over there in Georgia said that he was sitting up there in a restaurant singing “One in a million” to her.  I guess now he’s singing  “She’s got papers on me.”  Gloria has papers with benefits, as long as they’ve been married.


Gwen-She has those platinum papers.


Lidda Mae-That’s what she has.  It’s no telling how many times she done beat his ass.  That’s probably why he needed those Secret Service people so he could get some protection from all of those ass whuppings coming his way.


Cricket-He’ll stand there and take it.  He ain’t the type to hit her back.


Hazel Mae-I don’t think he’ll hit her back either.  He loves that girl.  He’s just a whoe.


Gwen-The Secret Service couldn’t protect him from Ginger White, though. 


Lidda Mae-We know that by the mere fact that he got them a week before his ole lady came out telling all of his business.  She described him down to a T.  I said that woman right there knows you too well, honey chile.  She was more than a friend.  She was his woman. 


Hazel Mae-That was just a waste of our money giving that boy Secret Service protection and you can see it better now that he’s gone.  And you see, that’s the problem with Congress.  They approved that mess.


Cricket-Obama asked for it and he got it back in 2007.


Hazel Mae-Yeah, but he was more of a serious candidate than this fool here.  This chile wasn’t ever going anywhere.  I said that right there ain’t nothing but wasteful spending.  This is a perfect example of why the people should be able to vote some of these people out early.  It’ll be less expensive, less time consuming, and less burdensome on us.


Sam-You want to make it like the playoffs?


Hazel Mae-You can do that.  Let them get points or something when they’re debating and doing their ads.  Those who lose get kicked out and won’t be able to make it to the finals to represent the home team.


Sam-What if he was the Republican nominee?


Hazel Mae-He would’ve been the first person in history who didn’t win one state.


Joe-I don’t think Herman Cain was ever too much of a threat to anyone because Cain couldn’t bridge the class divide.  Cain was putting on too much of a minstrel show and that is something people in general do not agree with.  People don’t like being played and that is what Cain was doing.  And at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter who told because he wasn’t going to win anyway.







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