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Monday, October 08, 2012


The Ma'at

Published September 8, 2011-Updated December 28, 2011

ďThe Changing Tide in LibyaĒ

by Nathaníette Burdine-Follow on Twitter@nbnylemagazine


Itís 3PM in the afternoon and Sam, Cricket, Dot, Hazel Mae, and Nate are sitting on the covered porch with the ceiling fans going.


Hazel Mae (to Nate).-I told you to get up early this morning when it was 65 degrees out there and water that grass.  All you had to do was turn on that sprinkle.


Nate-Who are you talking to?


Hazel Mae-Iím talking to you.  That sun has turned that grass red because you didnít put any water on it this morning.


Nate-That sprinkler is on a timer.  It came on at six oíclock this morning.


Hazel Mae-So why does that grass look that way?


Nate-That grass is alright.  I swear woman.  I think you woke up this morning with fussing on your mind.


Hazel Mae-Honey chile, I donít bother myself telling people like you the obvious because you know everything.  I donít say anything to people about stuff that they already know about.  I go on my way and I just wave my hands at them when they start all that foolishness.


Nate-What are you fussing about now?


Hazel Mae-Nothing but the sun.


Nate-At least this isnít Africa.  You see, thatís why I donít understand how those people can do all of that fighting over there.  All of that heat will make a person run to the nearest watering hole.


Sam-Is that why you turned on that water?


Nate-Man, donít come here with that ole bull.  I turned that water on earlier this morning.


Dot-Why is that smoke coming from the road?


Nate-This is Florida, high humidity.


Hazel Mae-Hm-mm.




Hazel Mae-Nothing.  I was just thinking about how hot Africa is.


Sam-Speaking of Africa, it seemed as if Gadhafi was going to give up his power there.  The African Union stepped in and tried talking to the rebels, but that didnít work out right.  The rebels want Gadhafi gone, but Gadhafi doesnít want to be gone.


Cricket-I read somewhere that Zuma said that Gadhafi needs to go.  Heís done too much wrong to stay.  Then I hear tell Hillary said that the U.S. will recognize the rebels, but Zuma said that he wasnít recognizing anybody that wasnít Gadhafi.  I donít think they know what they want to do.


Hazel Mae-Thatís how everybody feels, but thatís not up to us to decide.


Sam-I believe he needs to go, but the people in his country need to kick him out.  Change from any other place thatís not from within isnít going to work.  The longer this goes on, the more Britain, France, and the U.S. are going to look like colonials pouncing on the helpless ďOther.Ē  The ďOtherĒ being Gadhafi.  The focus is already quickly changing from the Libyan people to Gadhafi. 


Hazel Mae-Theyíre giving him what he wants.  You know Reagan dropped those bombs on Gadhafiís house back in í88 and killed his family, after Gadhafi killed those people on that PAN AM flight.  They bombed a relativeís house back in April or May, and killed some of his relatives but not him.  You know, thatís a perfect example of how you end up wasting more money by paying somebody to do something you can do yourself.


Nate-The president canít just go in and kill Gadhafi.


Hazel Mae-Why not?  Thatís what he and Reagan tried to do and both werenít successful. 


Nate-That wasnít just Reagan.  Gadhafi killed people from the U.S., Scotland, to Jamaica.  Everybody wanted him dead and everybody wants him dead.  Theyíre all in it together.  Just like itís not just Obama, itís David Cameron and Nickolas Sarkozy too.  Itís called NATO and not NOTUS.  Itís North Atlantic Treaty Organization and not Non-Other Than the U.S.  So the blame can be spread all around.


Hazel Mae-You missing my point, honey.


Nate-What is your point, Hazel Mae?


Hazel Mae-My point is that when you have a problem with somebody, then you handle it yourself and donít pay somebody else to handle it for you.  Especially when they havenít gotten the results you wanted.  Now you see, we werenít in this mess with Gadhafi.  Our attention was on Egypt moving on with out Mubarak and on that hot mess in Syria with Assad there.  Then here comes those British and French folks bothering us with that Gadhafi mess.  Now you see whatís going on in Israel.  Those people were attack along the Israel and Egyptian border.  Netanyahu believes Egypt had something to do with the attack.  How can you blame him when the Egyptians started bad mouthing the Israelis.  Now this is my point honey, we got rid of an ally when we got rid of Mubarak and now that pot of mess is boiling over.  And now that Gadhafi may be gone, those new Libyans may want to do the same thing as the new Egyptians, keep that pot boiling over.  And what that means for us is more money spent over there trying to keep down all that mess.  Obama knows this.  Thatís why he told those folks we werenít sending in any ground troops. 


Cricket-Öbut we sent NATO.


Hazel Mae-We, Canada, Mexico, Britain, and France are all a part of NATO.  Sending NATO is not sending the U.S. military.  What you say, ďItís called NATO and not NOTUS.Ē


Cricket-Thatís what Nate said.  But you see, this is the problem with Obama.  He wants to do stuff without doing stuff.  You are a part of NATO, then you go with NATO.  You are sending us through NATO.  You canít go and fight a war without any guns and bullets.  Thatís what he was trying to say,  ďIím not sending any ground troops so weíre not going to war.Ē  Like somebody canít put a bullet in your ass from the air.  Man, ainít nobody studying all of that.  Whenever you send your military somewhere, they are going to go with guns, bombs, and bullets and things.  Then Congress was asking about that War Powers Act.  Obama stood up there telling those people at a press conference that he wasnít on the Supreme Court, and although heís a constitutional lawyer, heís not going to determine if what he did was constitutional or not.  I said, ďWhat?Ē  Thatís like a person whoís a lawyer and a doctor and heís in the courtroom when somebody starts choking, but he says that he canít help the person out because his job is as a lawyer right now and not a doctor.  What kind of mess?  You use what you have.  You donít put your talent through a stringer and treat it like some macaroni noodles and say,  ďWell, Iíll use this part now and let the other just go down the drain.Ē  You are a constitutional lawyer and the president.  You want to use all of your constitutional law knowledge and community organizing skills during election time, but put it all on freeze when you get the job.  Whatís the point of having your ass there if you arenít going to use all that you got? 


Hazel Mae (staring at Cricket).-Hmmm-mm.


Dot-I think the president is right in that it isnít heís job to interpret the constitution.  Itís heís job to protect the country, something that is clearly stated within the Articles of Confederation under Article II.  Heís the Commander and Chief of the military and itís his job to protect the nation.  There are things we donít know which he most likely has knowledge about.  They arenít going to tell us every detail about the security risk a country like Libya may pose because that will be a security risk.


Hazel Mae-Well that is true, you donít want your enemy knowing everything you know about them.  That will just give them a head start up on you.


Cricket-Wait a minute now.  When he took that oath, word for word, he said,  ďI do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.Ē  Now thatís from Article II, Section I, Number 7.  Thatís where itís from.  How are you going to defend something when you donít know what youíre defending.  Tell me that.  Thatís like having a fool in the military over there in one of those wars trying to shoot a gun and he doesnít know how to shoot it.  How are you going to defend something and you donít know how to defend it?  The main part of defending something is knowing and understanding what youíre defending.  This is his problem.  Heís a constitutional lawyer but he doesnít know the constitution.  ďMy job ainít to interpret the constitution.Ē  That ainít what that oath say.  Yoí job is to defend the constitution.  Now how in the hell are you gonna defend the constitution when you canít interpret the constitution well enough to know what youíre defending?


Dot-Although what he said could be interpreted the way you interpreted it Cricket, I think heís right in his intentions and heís right about the law.  When you look at past presidents, you will find that the majority of them have decided to go to at least one war without Congressí vote.  War is nothing but a battle between two opposing forces.  Clinton tried killing Osama bin Laden after the bombing at the U.S. Embassy in South Africa.  Reagan sent the military in to help the Nicaraguan government during the civilian uprisings.  And this Congress canít say too much about coming to them in order to get the go ahead to go to war.  This Congress has some of the same members who gave Bush the ok to go into Iraq, with Barbara Lee being the lone no vote.  According to Senator John Kerry, Congress was informed about what was going on in Libya and informed about the presidentís decision.  By the way, some of those same people, like John McCain, who were criticizing him, were amongst the ones talking about how he needed to do more.  And now that weíre in this war that could easily go Gadhfiís way, they want him to explain why he did what they wanted him to do anyway.


Hazel Mae- I tell you something right now, that isnít going to work.  Gadhafiís isnít right in the head and those types of people always make it out.  Hillary, Barack, Nicholas, and David (whoís in that mess with Rupert Murdoch) will all have to eat crow.  And speaking of Rupert Murdoch and David Cameron, I can tell you what Gahdafi is saying right now, ďDonít mess with Godís anointed unless you want to drink hellís raging fire.Ē  Thatís what heís saying.  You know Gahdafi isnít right in his head.  (to Sam.)-I know what youíre thinking but you look a here, I can call all of them by their first name.  Iím old enough to be their mama, as long as Iíve been living.


Nate-Praise GodÖ


Cricket-Öand pass the White Lighting. 




Cricket (watching CNN).-Oh, Gahdafi got shot in his ass.


Nate-Heís dead?


Cricket-Heís dead.  (to Hazel Mae.)-Gahdafi made it out, huh?


Hazel Mae-He made it out of his body and straight into hell.







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