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Monday, October 08, 2012


The Ma'at

Published September 8, 2011-Updated December 28, 2011

ďIs There Ever a Time When the Government Should Shutdown?Ē

by Nathaníette Burdine-Follow on Twitter@nbnylemagazine


Theyíre all  down at the creek by the big house.  Nate, Cricket, and Sam, are sitting on the boat that is docked on the rocks, near the river bank.  Hazel Mae, Dot, and Gwen are sitting in lawn chairs a couple of feet away from the river bank.


Nate-You got a whole bucket of catfish there Cricket?


Cricket-Yeah, thatís all been biting on my line.  I think I have one or two trout and a couple of brims in here.  I threw that reel out a little further yonder ways there so I could get me some bass but I didnít have any luck. 


Nate-What do you think about that shutdown that was suppose to happen? 


Cricket-It wasnít going to happen.  Obama always finds a way to get out of a situation.  He didnít want that shame on him.  You remember they were suppose to shut down back in January, but they didnít.  Obama doesnít want that shame.  Heís sitting up there talking íbout change.  Whereís the change at?!  I havenít seen any change since he got in there.


Nate-I donít think the Republicans wanted that shame either. 


Cricket-You see now, Obama doesnít get a pass with me because heís proclaiming himself to be the second coming, sitting up there talking about change in Washington.


Hazel Mae-Heís the change.


Cricket-He ainít the change.  Half of him is them.  How in the hell is that the change?  We have half a dolla.  I donít want 50%.  I want the whole dolla.  And then he sat up there talking íbout his pastor.  Colored folks know not to talk about the pastor.  I ainít never talked about my pastor.


Hazel Mae-Cricket, you donít even go to church.  And to top it off, you were talking íbout Pastor Jones the other day.  And everybody knows Pastor Jones slept with one of your ole ladies.


Nate-Josephine Schultz.


Hazel Mae-Hm-mm, thatís who it was.  Cricket, you called Pastor Jones everything but the chile of God and said that he was going to hell with gasoline drawers on.  So I donít know how youíre gonna sit up here and fix your mouth to talk íbout somebody else.  You always throwing stones that come back to knock you upside your head, and thatís your problem and you donít even know it.


Cricket-Thatís yíallís problem, all yíall colored folks up into Blabit.  Yeah, I said it, ďBlabitĒ because thatís all he does is talk, talk, talk, talk, talk.  All that air coming out makes you think heís speaking gas.


Sam-You better watch out.


Cricket-Man, what are you trying to do, hit me with the hook?  You almost hooked me with that.  (He touches his face.)-I got blood on my face.


Sam-I donít see any blood.


Cricket-You did that on purpose.


Sam-Youíre not even cut.


Cricket-Thatís some ole bull, man.  I know what youíre doing.  Youíre mad because Iím talking íbout yoí boy.  Oh, yes you are.  Out here trying to make me catch a case. 


Sam (whispering).-Öor a funeral.


Cricket-Say what now?


Sam-Nothing.  Youíre talking about change and the shutdown.  Now, Boehner came up there after he became the Speaker of the House and started talking about how things were going to change.  But nothing has changed.  Just like O, Boehner has all those people to go through.  The system is designed so nobody can institute change.  Thatís how it is, a balance of power.  And what do you get with a balance, zero.  Youíre back where you started. 


Cricket-Boehner ainít right in the head.  It looks like heís on something.  Every time I see his ass, heís crying.  He cries more than a housewife that has to go to work.  I tell you the truth.  But ainít nothing changing.  Thatís politics.  Itís older than that dirt out there.Öbut when you come up there acting like you can walk on water, then people are going to expect it.


Sam-Canít you say the same thing about Boehner?


Cricket-I did, but yíall act like Blabit canít do no wrong.  I call it like I see it.


Hazel Mae-You call it like you see it.


Cricket-Thatís what I just said.  But Iíll tell you this much, neither one of them need to be clapping back at each other.  They both came there acting like a change was gonna come.  You canít change time and thatís what they were both proclaiming to do.  Thatís why they didnít want a shutdown because they would have to eat crow.  Ainít no shutdown ever gonna happen under Obama or Boehner.  Boehner doesnít want that Newt curse.  Newt so bad he couldnít run for the devil.  I tell you the truth.


Hazel Mae-We have over 500 members in Congress.  And that in its self is enough to shutdown something.  Theyíre overloaded.  (to Nate.)-It's like when youíre pulling too much juice with all of those plugs and switches you got out there and the system shuts down.  You have to take all of that stuff out in order for it to run right.  They need to decrease those members in Congress so Congress can run right.  And you see, just like lights, water, gas, and rent are bills, your employees are bills.  All those people in Congress ainít nothing but an extra bill costing us money.  Thereís too much pulling on the system.  Just like some of those plugs Nate got out there be pulling all that juice and he has to pull them out in order to keep things running.  The government needs to cut whatever is pulling the economy over the line.  You have to cut those plugs.


Nate-We need to cut Congress?


Hazel Mae-Thatís what I said.  All of those people in there.  What Truman said, ďThe do nothing Congress.Ē  Thatís why they do nothing, itís too many of them in there to do something.  They all think the other is going to do and nobody ends up doing anything. 


Cricket-The Republicans say yíall women folk with that planned-parenthood are pulling too much.


Hazel Mae-Whatís this planned parenthood business?  Are you talking about that abortion mess?  Look a here, you plan to be a parent when you open up your legs or let down your britches.  If the Lawd sees fit for a child to be born then it will be, and if He doesnít then it wonít be.  What they need to do is start looking at these mamas and daddies.  You send these chilrení off to school and they come back here with a package.


Cricket-Ainít nobody came back here with a package.  Who came back here with a package?


Hazel Mae-Maebell daughter went to that school up yonder ways and came back here pregnant.  All these chilrení leave here and come back with something.  And every last one of those chilrensí mamas and daddies werenít in the home.  They were living with their grandmamas.  Betty Jean up there had that gal and look at her.  I told mine, ďChilrení need to be with their mama.Ē  Thatís what I said now.  Keep your pocket book close and your britches up and you wonít have to worry about planned parenthood.  If you donít want to abort something, then donít put yourself in a position to abort something.  And why are we talking about abortions?  Ainít nobody paying for that, anyhow.  You bringing up something that got nothing to do with nothing.  All that money the federal government has, they ainít putting that money in abortions.  And it ainít no telling how many of them done gone to an abortion doctor.  Iíll tell you something else, stress can kill a younginí in the womb.  All that worriation raises your blood pressure and puts your systems off balance.  There are plenty of women whose youngins didnít make it because their nerves were worked over.  Sitting up here talking about an abortion.  Thatís what they do, throw mud in the water to keep you from seeing the real problem, them. 


Dot-This is the conversation they want you to have.  They want you to be off topic.  You and I know there are cases such as incest, rape, or life threatening that may indeed require a woman to have an abortion.  Then there are cases whereby none of these scenarios apply.  In this instance, Iím not going to diverge into either or because I see the Republicans using the same old scare tactics.  The issue is what to cut.  What is pulling as you say, ďToo much juice and causing the system to shut down.Ē  This is not a scenario whereby nothing can be left as is.  There are going to be adjustments made.  They will most likely be made by cutting funding to some programs that are causing the greatest strain on the economic system.  I think Obama is running a game on the Republicans.  This talk about cutting Social Security and Medicare is a way for Obama to set them up so he can throw the blame back onto them.  That is what that cut, cap, and balance was all about.  And if that bill had made it to Obamaís desk, he would have vetoed it.  The Republicans are the fools and they donít even know it.  The next time around, he may end up using his executive order in order to raise the debt ceiling.  The Supreme Court wonít say anything.  They are notorious for staying out of politics by telling people that it is a legislative or executive issue.  Theyíve learned their lesson from Florida.


Cricket-You know what they say about an old dog, ďIt pisses and shits the same way every time.Ē  So donít put any thing stupid pass the Supreme Court.


Gwen-I know thatís right.








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