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Monday, October 08, 2012


The Ma'at

Published September 8, 2011-Updated December 28, 2011

“Grown Folk’s Business”

by Nathan’ette Burdine-Follow on Twitter@nbnylemagazine


It’s 8PM on Saturday night.  They’re all sitting on the covered front porch.


Gwen-Why do you have a TV out here?


Hazel Mae-…because I like watching the news outside.  You see this mess here CNN, MSNBC, Fox and everybody in between been talking about.  This mess here with Weiner.  Now that there is grown folk’s business.


Gwen-Grown folk’s business.


Hazel Mae-Grown folk’s business.  You know that young fella didn’t hurt anybody.  You know, like that Schwarzenegger boy.  He had that youngin’ and he’s taking care of that boy and his mama.  Men folk been having a wife and woman on the side for the longest.  And just because a man is married, has a woman, and some fast tell heifas on the side it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love his wife.


Gwen-Now you know…


Hazel Mae-We aren’t talking about me and mine.  We’re talking about this here.  And then I here tell they tried to say that fella was messing with some fast tell young heifa.  That’s what I heard now.  People need to stop playing like some of these young teenage girls aren’t fast.  I’ve seen many young fast tell heifas break up a happy home.  That Weiner fella was just having himself a good time.  Bless his heart.  He probably never had such a variety.  He just didn’t know how to handle himself, bless his heart.


Gwen-From the mouth of the woman who’s always bragging about the papers she has on her man.


Hazel Mae-…and?


Gwen-You wouldn’t have those papers if you weren’t concerned about him leaving you for another woman.


Hazel Mae-Why do you think I have them?  A marriage is a contract honey and one you invest in.  And like any investment, there are risk.  I wasn’t about to risk myself for him.  I know Nate cheats.  In his younger days, Nate was always down there at that juke joint.  He’s just too old to be juking now. 


Nate-I don’t know why you sit up here creating these lies in your head, ole woman.  Every time I turn around, you dreaming up something that’s not there.  What’s wrong with you woman?


Hazel Mae-Honey chile, I’m not dreaming up nothing.  I know you.  I’ve been married to you for sixty years.  There ain’t nothing about you that I don’t know. 


Nate-You got somebody?  You trying to tell me something.  You got one of them young boys, a sixty year old man.  I know you.  You talking about yourself while trying to talk about me.  That’s what you’re doing.


Hazel Mae-If I did, you’ll be the first to know.  And that’s beside the point, the point is that the government is intruding where it shouldn’t be, the bedroom.  Now, I don’t have a problem with you regulating the bank’s business, but I have a problem with you regulating where I do my business.  You get my point.  Peoples shouldn’t have to quit their job because they have a harem of women.  Leave them there if they are performing on the job.


Nate-That was the problem, Weiner was performing on the job.


Cricket-I saw that picture with Weiner standing by the water fountain.  Boy he was posing like he was auditioning for a starring role.  I looked at Weiner posing in his drawers next to the water fountain and I said to myself, “Now how much of that done contaminated that water.”  You go and get a cup of water and see something swimming around in it.


Nate-You know they won’t give the press access to the Congressional gym.


Cricket…and I see why.  It’s too contaminated.  Ain’t no telling how many more people been walking around there with their privates out, taking pictures and whatnot.  Nasty bastards.


Hazel Mae-You know something, I don’t like people who are always talking about people.  Naw, this wouldn’t’ve been brought up if all that twittering, facebooking, and whoshawjohning wasn’t going on.


Nate-That’s an ethical issue.


Hazel Mae-My point exactly, it becomes ethical when everybody finds out.  They wouldn’t’ve gotten rid of that boy if this wasn’t all over the place.  So stop for a second and ask yourself what that says about them.  You can’t go throwing stones at other people because you want to get rid of your rocks.  That there was grown folks’ business, between he and his wife, and that’s all I got to say about that.


Nate-Well, the boy’s over there in Italy with his ole lady talking about baby names.


Gwen-He’s talking about baby names.


Nate-Talking about baby names. 


Gwen-Hm-mm.  That’s probably why he was doing all of that foolishness.  He couldn’t get none at home.


Hazel Mae-I have a feeling Weiner would have been getting some even if that gal wasn’t pregnant.  He just strikes me as that type.  Anybody that starts posting their business on the internet obviously has that Tiger Woods syndrome.  But you know, people had a little more respect during our time.  You don’t put your business out in the street.  If you did something, it stayed there.  If you said something to somebody else, they knew not to tell it.  But if they did, then they own up to it.  Peoples now a days don’t do that.  They don’t understand grown folk’s business.  That’s why you have all of these people who are 40 acting like they are 30, 30 acting like they are 20, and 20 acting like they are 10.  People are all messed up in the head, I tell you the truth.  I tell people, “You grown.  So behave like you’re grown.  Don’t come here with those childish ways because I don’t have time for that honey.”


Gwen-I know that’s right.


Hazel Mae-And you see, if that Weiner boy had been acting like a grown man all of that would’ve stayed there with him, his wife, and those fast tell heifas because he would have treated it like grown folk’s business.







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