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Monday, October 08, 2012



Published January 3, 2012-Updated January 10, 2012

“Do Santorum, Bachmann, and Huntsman plan on making it to Super Tuesday?”

by Nathan’ette Burdine-Follow on Twitter@nbnylemagazine

            The Republican presidential candidates Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann, and Jon Huntsman did not file paperwork to be placed on the Virginia ballot.  And their failure to submit signatures begs the question,  “Do Santorum, Bachmann, and Huntsman plan on making it to Super Tuesday?”  Virginia is not like Iowa.  It is a part of the South and it sits at the top of the Mason-Dixie line.  Virginia is a bible belt state where it is common to find registered voters congregated in church on Sunday.  This is important for Christian Evangelicals like Santorum and Bachmann.  These candidates have had a difficult time getting the support that Mitt Romney has.  Whereas Romney is viewed as a general election candidate who’s views are centered, Bachmann and Santorum are viewed as too far right because of their social conservative views.  They are also members of the Tea Party, a counter party within the Republican Party, and therefore they are not getting as much of the establishment support as Romney.

Although Bachmann won the Iowa straw poll, her star quickly faded when Rick Perry jumped into the race.  Despite the fact that Santorum has caught a fire in Iowa and is now in third place, it is believed that his flame will die out before he makes it to New Hampshire.  As for Jon Huntsman, his problem is a result of him not being as personable or open as someone like Herman Cain.  Huntsman also has the problem of working for the opposition, President Obama, as the Ambassador to China.  Although Huntsman has explained his role within Obama’s administration as a call to serve his country, the Republican voters were not pleased.  And this has contributed to Huntsman not making a dent in the national polls amongst the Republican Party’s registered voters.

Iowa is today but Florida is the state that will most likely determine which candidates make it out of January into March for Super Tuesday.  Because if these candidates can’t get pass a big state like Florida, their chances of winning their party’s nomination are slim to none.  And based on Santorum, Bachmann, and Huntsman not submitting any signatures to qualify for Virginia’s primary, it appears that they plan to bow out before Super Tuesday.







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