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Monday, October 08, 2012



Published August 29, 2012

“Former South Florida ICE chief pleads guilty to child pornography charges”

by Nathan’ette Burdine-Follow on Twitter@nbnylemagazine

            Trust is hard to get, but easy to lose.  For 27 years, Anthony Mangione worked for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency.  He was able to reach the level of chief over the South Florida division.  However, those 27 years that it took to build up the public’s trust was quickly flushed down the drain after Mangione was arrested and charged with possessing, receiving, and transporting child pornography over the web.  According to CBS News’ article, “Former ICE Chief Pleads Guilty in Child Porn Case,” Mangione emailed many sexually explicit images of children between March and September of 2011.  The children range in age from 3 to15.  CBS News reported that Mangione used his personal computer and four different AOL screen names in order to send the sexually explicit images of the children.  The screen names he used were BookStoreMonNC and Flagungury 33.  Mangione most likely thought he was being smart by using his personal computer and four different AOL screen names in order to hide his identity.  He probably believed that his right to privacy and the police needing a warrant to search his personal property would shield him from any possible discovery.  The one thing he forgot is that his rights end where others begin.  And despite his 27 years of experience, it would not be enough to make lady justice turn a blind eye to his injustice.  So it was no surprise when Mangione was arrested in September 27, 2011.

Like many alleged criminal, Mangione initially plead not guilty.  He also showed the typical guilty “oh-o they got me” sign by giving the prosecutors the inclination that he was suicidal.  The Sun Sentinel’s Peter Franeschina stated in his article “Judge: Former top ICE official can be released on child porn charges” that prosecutors believed Mangione would attempt to harm himself if he was released on bail.  Although Mangione was released last year on a $75,000 bond, he did not harm himself or hold to his not guilty plea.  The surmountable evidence proved too much.  According to Franeschina, the evidence dated back to 2003.  CBS News also reported that there were sexually suggestive images of an 8-year-old girl in an elevator and two boys under 10 years of age.  On July 20, 2012, Mangione decided to forgo his not guilty plea and decided to plead guilty.  Now, he faces between 5 to 25 years in prison.  After his release from prison, he must register as a sex offender.

According to CBS News, Mangione’s lawyer David Howard requested that his client remain free on the $75,000 bond until his sentencing.  Howard unsuccessfully tried to convince the judge that Mangione needed to get his family situated before his extended stay began in a federal prison.  Howard even tried to use the old “you all know where he is” excuse by noting that his client was wearing an ankle bracelet.  Therefore, the federal government knew his whereabouts, which meant his chances of fleeing were slim to none.  Further, Howard implied that Mangione had been on “good behavior” because he hadn’t tried to contact the children he had victimized.  However, the Feds quickly reminded the judge that this is federal territory and federal rules apply.  According to CBS News, the Feds cited the federal law requiring immediate incarceration after guilt has been established by the court of law.  The judge agreed and Mangione had to trade in his three-piece suit for a prison suit and shackles around his wrist.  Mangione’s sentencing is scheduled for October 5, 2012.  However, CBS News reported that his attorney requested a different sentencing time due to prior commitments.







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